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Originally Posted by Nademon View Post
Andrew, Mike_E and many other's offered to test on multiple machines when they PM'd me about participating in the giveaway. I think their intention was to have all their results counted when run on independant machines. I actually sent Mike 2 tubes because he stated he wished to test it on multiple setups so I think it's only fair to include all the results. i believe there are a couple more that offered to test on multiple machines too.

Just my input here, but since he has 6 independant machines, I think it would be reasonable to include all his results and anyone else that tested against multiple compounds and independant machines too. But, I'll let you and the HWC folks be the judge.


Well I agree but I am a biased observer as far as the other members of this forum are concerned and the process should be transparent for it to maintain credibility which is why I put the question out there. I do not want anybody to think I am taking advantage.
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