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I dont think you have to go as far as that Zalman case (which is super-expensive btw). Find a case with lots of grills... for free airflow (Antec 300/900/1200 perhaps?) and use an oversized heatsink for everything that you can, with as large a fin spacing as possible. I'd recommend against going the SSF route, because then there will be too much heat in one place, a larger case will allow the air to move more freely, and then convection will take over. For the CPU HSF, I'd suggest the Scythe Orochi, for RAM, try corsair dominators or get the Arctic-Cooling ramsinks. For the NB/SB and GPU, go Thermalright. If it doesn't have to be a true "0db" system then keep the top exhaust fan from the 300/900/1200 to pull the hot air out of the system and encourage even more convection. Just my $0.02.
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