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My System Specs


Originally Posted by aviduser View Post
Call me crazy but it seems your case airflow is restricted if you have a front 120mm fan.

Are you at stock clocks/voltage? My true idles @ the same temp with a 1.45 vcore.

Also, what kind of fan covers/brackets are those? They make the noctua's look a hell of alot better. - Buy Thermalright U120E 120MM Fan Holder for Thermalright 120MM Heatsinks - U120E In Canada.

Those are the fan brackets. Thermalrights ditched the old fan clips to actual fan headers, you can buy them for 5$ worth it when you have those 2 noctuas Also, they make the fan installation a breeze.

Yup, my E8500 is at stock voltage, stock FSB... everything stock... But yeah those fan don't have static pressure at all... I actually have 2 x 120mm fan in the front. I need those to cool my video card and my hard drive...
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