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My System Specs


This stuff is.. GODLIKE! I mean, seriously, the results speak for themselves.

Compound: MX-2
Abient Temp: 20C
Idle Temp: 44-42-42-41C
Load Temp: 79-77-76-76C


Ambient Temp: 20C
Idle Temp: 40-36-37-36C
Load Temp: 65-63-63-61C

IDLE: I left the system idle for 5 minutes.
LOAD: I ran Prime95 large FTT for 10 minutes.

I'll definitely be using this TIM from now on. I'd like to thank Nademon for making this possible.
Also, to anyone who thinks that I might have applied the MX-2 wrong, I did the pea-in-the-middle-of-the-CPU method with it.

Anyways, pictures are always nice.. So here ya go:

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