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Default UV Mod = Epic mod, makes ur computer look 100x Better

Wasnt sure if this was the right place to post this since i didnt really make it a log. but w/e. Couldnt find a "mod" area.

Honestly my favorite mod i have ever seen, and i did it . thanks to spooked junglist:
Spooky's UV Pen MOD - -

Anyways moving on. I picked up dual 12" UV CCFL's from NCIX. and Sakura Jellyroll Moonlight pens. And did this:
P.S. The pictures do absolutely no justice to it. I UV'd the Sata connectors, NB Heatsink PCIE and PCI connectors, a IDE and USB connectors and the heads of the capacatators also did the Silentpipe section of the SB Heatsink and the CCFL box is uvd as well.

I uploaded all the pics i took, some arent the greatest, and sorry if they are a bit big they fit perfectly on my 20" so i think they should be fine.

Also just so u know look in spooked junglists thread he took much crisper and better pictures. my camera keeps getting blurried by the UV lights and i suck at taking pictures.

and to anyone wondering. the AREKIEH is written with UV pens on the inside of the window
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