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Default Video Editing

Hey guys,

Anyone here use an HD Hard Drive camera? I ahve the Sony HDR-SR1 which records in AVCHD and I was wondering how do I have all the clips showing a Timestamp and a Datestamp? When I play it off the camera onto a TV I can see it, when I get it into the computer I cannot. I have Sony Vegas Platinum 9.0, I was wondering if there was a way to show the date and time stamp on the DVD that I will burn.

The thing is, I am doing an assignment for a class and I have to record a 15min video of a sales call, the video cannot be edited and the date and the time has to be showing always. That is what my professor wants, but I just cannot figure out how to do that. Anyone have any idea, it would be great. I searched on google but I have no clue. If I need some software please let me know, thanks.
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