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Default Educate ME!!!

Hi I build my own systems, but I never did a "CPU SWAP".

Is is worth it to re-use my GA-965P-DS3 rev 3.3, flash it to "unofficial CPU support BIOS" newer version (for Kentfields and Yorkfields), of should I get an ASUS P5Q pro (free shipping with entire order from NCIX)....

I would like to get a nice cheap Quad (with OC headroom) or a cheap C2D that could give me a lot more performance than my actual E6420@3.2Ghz. (is it worht it or I'll have to spent 400$ on a CPU/HSF combo to get a significant upgrade?)
I use my comp for gaming mostly, running a GTX260 Core 216 (see sig).

Also, I'm considering an AMD system with 720BE OCed (of course) as an alternate upgrade path...dunno what's better to do...

I'm afraid to get a nice mobo, but with old BIOS that doesn't yet support the CPU I could possibly buy. Of course I could go fail-safe and order exactly the same stuff others a copy-cat.

If I go AMD, I'd like to get this mobo:

It supports the 720BE with the latest BIOS...WHAT happens if it ships with an oldie BIOS (and nobody around here got an old AMD for me to use to flash???

Am I forced to get a mobo that supports the CPU right out of the box then???

Educate me!!!
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