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Originally Posted by Gamashinoch View Post
On my PC it's 850/5000 ? No idea what that is. I used to do this stuff before a long time ago. distributed Computing then....SETI. With one of those there was a quick way to run through WU's, it was called SETIspy. It would download a bunch of WU's and you'd crunch away on them. I forget exactly how it did it but it was faster than using like the screensaver version. Anyone know a faster way with this program?
I have forgotten what the gui client looks like it has been so long. The 850/5000 is probably 850 steps out of 5000 completed. The number of steps in each wu varies by project and simulation type. You can also look in fahlog.txt to see all the details including progress.

The SMP beta should be the best producer for your desktop.

Once you complete the current wu (make sure it doesn't download another) uninstall the gui client so you don't get any conflicts with the smp client.

To install SMP client you will need to have a userid and password with admin authority setup on vista.
Also, turn off UAC while you install it.

There is no batching of wu's in folding. There is a queue used to temporarily hold completed wu's that can't be returned to the work server due to server down etc. But with SMP wu's they have preferred deadlines of 3-4 days so you don't want them sitting in the queue long.

Hopefully your desktop will be crunching 724, but if not you will need to keep an eye on meeting deadlines so your crunching isn't wasted.

In fact the quad only wus have a 1 day preferred deadline.

The unicore client wu's like your gui client is getting usually have deadlines measured in weeks or more.

The utility called fahmon can be used for monitoring.
FahMon Homepage

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