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Originally Posted by ICD7 View Post
Nice thermocoulpe set up, I like it- so you were measuring IHS Temp?
No, the only exposed areas of the IHS are almost 10C lower in temp than Core Temp 0.99.3 reports even though the MTC reports the same 30C that Core Temp reports while idling. Granted, it was only being held on via pressure from the wire and mostly blindly. I would need a better way to secure it since this thing is useless if you just hold it on. When I was checking temps of some various part on my mobo a little while ago I taped the end of the probe to a plastic rod and held it on what I wanted the temp of. From the looks of it an angled tip on teh end of something would be needed to get to the IHS without securing the probe right to the IHS. There is a slight change that something straight could get in from the top but without further investigation I would leave that at "Pushing it".

I was only using the MTC-maboby for the ambient temps and the mug of hot water because a Phenom under load is _not_ 40C. I suppose it still would have been useful information since it is not something that changes much physically as well as not subject to potentially buggy software and such. However I only have one type k probe so I would need to remove it from the IHS each time I wanted to check the temp around my case.
When the thermometer is outside the house it displays the same temp as the thermometer I have mounted outside and when in boiling water in an electric kettle it hit 98.8C so I assume it is pretty much correct.

Originally Posted by ICD7 View Post
What do you mean directed up and directed down? Is that with the case down or upright? I am a little confused on that.
The case was upright during all testing, I was merely indicating the direction of the airflow coming off the HSF. I might like to point out that both my Xigmatech HDT-S1283 and Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev 2 stick out too much and prevent me from installing my case's side panel so I have been running it open. In fact, since I got this case in 2005 (this being the 6th mobo it has housed) I have never run it with the side panel on because it has awful airflow and my temps are always better with the panel off.
Mounts A2, B1 and B2 looked like this: I feel like mentioning that it is only the camera angle making the HSF look off-centre, it is actually on correctly and due to the mounting system, impossible to get it too far left or right though you can get it too high or too low if you are not careful.

Originally Posted by ICD7 View Post
How was the Grease spread pattern on the A test vs the B tests?
A1, A2 and B1 had a bit coming out the sides and full coverage on the surface,(actually, B1 had two very tiny spots on the edge of one side with no coverage but nothing major) I do not know about B2 though because I have not removed the HSF yet and there is really not enough room to see. I do not have any dental mirrors or similar devices. (one is on my list of things to buy, right above an eye loupe that is more powerful than the 10x one I have now)

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