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MacJunky -Notes
*Temps can be lowered by roughly 2C under load and roughly 1C while idle if second 120mm fan is added to HS in push-pull config.
*Mount B2 was done after TIM spent roughly 5 mins in a mug of water, the temp of the water dropped from 80C to 70C within that time. HSF was forced down flat and wiggled a bit before being secured with AM2 retention clip thingy.
*HSF base was "wetted" or whatever before mounts B1 & B2 but not before A1 & A2.
*AC MX-2 in mounts A1 & A2 was applied using the 2-3 line method due to use of direct touch heatpipe cooler, ICD7 in mounts B1 & B2 was applied in a single blob in the centre as per Innovation Cooling instructions.
************************************************** *****

If you would like, I can leave mount B2(the current one) on longer and you can PM me to check for any changes in a week and the week after that. This is assuming that it has not had time to cure so far. On the other hand my cooler may be the bottleneck here, but it is not _too_ far off the Vendetta 2's performance so one would think that they would have similar results.
Nice thermocoulpe set up, I like it- so you were measuring IHS Temp?

When the application instructions were developed for ICD heat pipe direct touch coolers were new and not in wide circulation so was not as consideration. At this point it looks like I am behind the times and will have to develop a revision to include them.

I will get a heat pipe direct touch cooler next week and work over the application methods as it does seem to make a difference - Maybe put together a picture guide with some glass slides.

What do you mean directed up and directed down? Is that with the case down or upright? I am a little confused on that.

How was the Grease spread pattern on the A test vs the B tests?

As far as the extra burn in goes I am not sure it makes a difference - you could try it, up to you

Thanks for the effort and the detail info, much appreciated

Dicko at Overclockers Australia has done some extensive application work with the direct heat pipe direct touch coolers and supplied me with the following guide at my request.

Fill in the gaps between the Heatpipes and fins. Rub the IC Diamond in to the gaps very well to make sure there are no air pockets. ( Any air pockets or tiny bubbles between CPU and Cooler can greatly affect results.) Also warm up the HDT Cooler and the IC Diamond so they are easier to work with. This allows you to work the thicker compound into the gaps more effectively. Otherwise it can be a little hard to make it stay between the pipes and aluminium fins.
Then wipe off any excess leaving only the TIM between the heatpipes and aluminium fins and perhaps leaving a very slight haze over the copper of the heatpipes.
Then apply to HDT Cooler as you do with all other coolers, a pea sized blob on the CPU. Or the 2 thin lines on the aluminium fins. Try both and see which works best for your setup. The blob has worked best for me.
One last thing. Prior to application make sure the HSF and CPU are clean. To do this use Isopropyl Alcohol 90%+ pure (This is available from the chemist Drug store, and is very inexpensive.) or something like Arctic Clean and a lint free cloth or coffee filter paper. A clean HSF and CPU are very important for best performance. Good luck.

The thin lines were difficult to do as the IC Diamond is as thick as it is but can be done if the compound is warmed up well beforehand. I also found warming up the CPU with a hair dryer just before applying the IC Diamond helped get a more even spread when attaching the cooler. But you may not want to put that in instructions as it may seem a bit too much work for some people

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