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Well I think I just made the 500$ budget more feasible. I'm going to give her my 2X2GB Crucial Rendition RAM sticks and I'm going to get 2 OCZ 2GB RAM sticks.
Meaning your putting 6gbs into her machine or you sacrificed 2gbs out of your own?

The fact that windows needs to be included makes this pretty difficult, the only builds I can recommend is either an AMD build with the cheapest motherboard you can find and maybe an x2 5200, or an intel build with a cheap LGA775 motherboard and an E5200.

This was a pretty decent budget build, and since this rig is not going to be for gaming you could drop the 4830 video card out and have $100+ to spend on vista. if you search the web you can find some good deals on vista especially if shes a student.
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