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My System Specs


************************************************** *****
AC MX-2 vs ICD7 tests 2009.03.25 to 2009.03.27

CPU: Phenom X4 9950BE @ 3.0Ghz on Gigabyte MA790GP-DS4H
HSF: Xigmatech HDT-S1283
Amb temps: Thermoworks Mini Handheld Thermocouple (Part#: MTC) (SKU: 34247)

CPU HSF directed down MX-2
Mount A1
ambt: 19.6C
idle: 33C
load: 55C

CPU HSF directed up MX-2
Mount A2
ambt: 19.3c
idle: 30C
load: 49-50C

CPU HSF directed up ICD7
Mount B1
Load start: 22:00
ambt: 18.5C
idle: 30C
load: 49-50C

Later: (11 hours from start)
ambt: 18.6C
idle: <not checked>
load: 48-49-50C

Even More Later: (15 hours from start)
ambt: 18.9C
idle: 30C
load: 48-49-50C

Mount B2
Load start: 15:00
ambt: 19.2C
idle: 29-30C
load: 49-50C

Later: (roughly 20 hours from start)
ambt: 18.6C
idle: 29-30C
load: 48-49-50C

*Temps can be lowered by roughly 2C under load and roughly 1C while idle if second 120mm fan is added to HS in push-pull config.
*Mount B2 was done after TIM spent roughly 5 mins in a mug of water, the temp of the water dropped from 80C to 70C within that time. HSF was forced down flat and wiggled a bit before being secured with AM2 retention clip thingy.
*HSF base was "wetted" or whatever before mounts B1 & B2 but not before A1 & A2.
*AC MX-2 in mounts A1 & A2 was applied using the 2-3 line method due to use of direct touch heatpipe cooler, ICD7 in mounts B1 & B2 was applied in a single blob in the centre as per Innovation Cooling instructions.
************************************************** *****

If you would like, I can leave mount B2(the current one) on longer and you can PM me to check for any changes in a week and the week after that. This is assuming that it has not had time to cure so far. On the other hand my cooler may be the bottleneck here, but it is not _too_ far off the Vendetta 2's performance so one would think that they would have similar results.


Let me know if you want me to leave this stuff on so you can check up on it later.
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