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Default Budget Build - no gaming

I'm putting together a computer for a friend of mine. She's a graphic designer and has a Mac G5 workstation at work. However, her home computer is a Pentium - Not a P2 or P4, just Pentium with 512Mb RAM. She does a bit of freelance work at home and has a legal version of Adobe CS3 and not considering any update for at least 3 years.

Computer Use:

Adobe software (Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver)
Internet browsing
Music and general online video

She also has a budget of 500$ (solid cap) and wants a version of Windows. She has a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

I also have a Dell 8700 that I could salvage for parts...not sure what would still be useful. The case? Fan? PSU?

I'm thinking an AMD build. The local store is putting it together and will warranty all the parts they sell.

Any thoughts?


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