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Originally Posted by Syl66 View Post
I got myself this card a couple weeks ago and after running it on the stock cooling for a while it was time to add the card into my loop.

Since I will now be cooling 2 gpu's in addition to my CPU (E6600@3.6 1.45V) and NB I figured my MCR220 would no longer be sufficient. I got a HW labs Black Ice Xtreme 120 rad to add into the loop. For blocks I used 2 MCW60's. (Thanks to brewer265 for my second one.)

I had one worry before I purchased this card and that was that the blocks wouldn't fit due to the crossfire chip heatsink between the two cores. From looking at pictures of the card you could see that the heatsink potentially could get in the way of mounting the blocks onto the card, and as I feared this was correct. Fortunately only one fin on each side was interfering and they were very easily removed.

I also purchased some Zalman ramsinks for the memory chips. I wasn't impressed by how easily they could be knocked off once installed. I did however eventually get everything all on.

And now it was time to put everything together.
The entire loop consists of:

Swiftech MCP655 pump.
Swiftech Micro res.
Swiftech MCR 220 Rad
HW Labs Black Ice Xtreme 120 rad.
Swiftech Apogee Cpu block
2 Swiftech MCW60 GPU Blocks
Danger Den Maze 4 chipset block.

All of this installed inside of a Haf 932

And here is the final build.

Temps for the card on the stock cooling were idle around 40 degrees and max load I ever saw was 70 degrees. On water she idles around 30 and under load I have yet to see it go over 37. This is with a room temp of around 20 degrees.
Hey, I'm also having a 4850x2 and, please be kind enough to send me all the product names in full.
I live in Sri Lanka and I want all the full names of the products you used to water cool your system.
Thank you.
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