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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
To get best results with any TIM and HDTs your better off smearing a bit on the base to fill the gaps up, remove the access TIM and THEN apply TIM to the cpu as normal. YMMV but that should net better results. Better still is the 2 or 3 line method...that is what I do for all HWC HDT tests....BUT thats not what Nademon recomends with IC 7.
Very good link! The method that I've been recommending is based off the testing that ICD7 has done and I believe it's what is ideal for the majority of users. But HDT coolers do have those grooves to contend with. I took a look at the link and the method used in the 6th picture down looks pretty interesting. I think I'll have to give it a try myself and see how it works out with some IC7. I'm assuming it's including a pre-wetting of the grooves in between the heatpipes to fill any voids. I'll see if I can't give it a try and post my results. I still believe the pea size application is best for all smooth/flat surfaces.

Originally Posted by MacJunky View Post
I just got and tried this stuff last night so while I wait for it to cure(assuming it has not already) I am just going to go ahead and say that no matter what cooler you have, you should warm up the IC Diamond before application. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS.
Do not give me any crap about it working fine when cold. That is bullshit.

Also, just ignore this stuff if you are using a heatsink that makes use of the stock AM2 retention bracket thingy. If you are using AM2 retention thingy just go get yourself some nice MX-2 or ASwhatever, IC Diamond will mostly only result in headaches and bad spreading for you due to it's properties and the angle that the HS is forced down at when you secure it.

So far when left with prime95 running from 22:00 to 09:00 the temps are still pretty similar to MX-2 but I will give it more time and then do a remount and post proper results later.
I would like to note that I am not sure how much force it is under at the moment and I am not about to stick my computer in a 100C oven. (Am I the only one who thinks that baking this stuff at that temp kinda skews the results a little considering that aside from industrial applications, it will never get that hot in 99% of the computers it gets used in?)
I've never warmed up the TIM before using it. I have always applied it at room temperature and it's worked fine for me. Warming the TIM does make it a bit easier to get out of the tube and is a preference for some people, but isn't a must. I'm sorry you feel it's B.S., but besides my own personal experience, I've had a group of my own friends try it out and they were able to apply it just fine without warming it up first. Like I said, it's a personal preference thing, so if warming it up works for you, by all means do it that way.

Originally Posted by Jonwall View Post
Gotta agree with this one. My first attempt i took it off to do a remount, and it was smeared all towards one side (the one that you clip in second) so about one third of the cpu didnt even have any tim on it. Fairly certain this happened again the second time but i dont have enough left for a reapplication or any other tim to use after. If youre using an am2 system id recommend actually applying the tim close to the edge of the cpu on the side that will cause the heatsink to force it across to the other side. Hard to explain but i think most people with an am2 socket who try this stuff will know what i mean lol.
If i had some more tim id love to attempt the method myself but im all out, if anyone here has a heatsink that uses the am2 retention bracket and either hasnt applied the tim yet, or even better, has applied it in the center and has enough to apply it this way as a comparison id be interested.

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