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My System Specs


Thanks, guys. If I had the money, I'd just buy one of the SATA slim DVD drives on right now at NCIX; at least I wouldn't have to mess with the adapters. That said, I'm far too broke for that; this project really should have waited until I had more money, and if I ever get it finished I'm probably going to have to sell it right away and try to recoup my costs--provided, of course, that I can find a buyer. As it stands, I'm just finishing an M.A., and desparately looking for work while I go through the hoops of revisions on my thesis and await defense, while at the same time trying to sock money away for my wedding this summer.

On the more technical difficulty front, the problem is, surprisingly, not length, but height. I was hoping to sneak in a DVD drive above where the RAM and PSU sit, but it's just not happening, and there's no room to shift it over at all. I could, alternatively, slot the drive in underneath the motherboard, but that would mean that it would come out on the side of the system. <sigh>

Oh, and thanks for encouragement, CMetaphor; I'm actually already using a 20pin Pico PSU that hooks right into the connector--the 90w, IIRC. Again, it's just that damnedable height issue, and there's no other way for me to orient the board....GRR.
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