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Alrighty finally got a chance to try this stuff out...

Antec Formula 5 (AC5 Knock off)
Idle: 39/33
Load: 54/54
Ambient: 20

Post IC7
Idle: 39/30
Load: 52/52
Ambient: 20

Tests where done with 1 hour idle from initial start up, then loaded with small FFTs in orthos for 1 hour.

I also applied this to 1 9800GTX Vanilla, 1 9800GTX+ SC+ edition, and my 790i FTW Digital PWM motherboards SPP and MCP.

The results where roughly 5-7c cooler at load on both video cards and a good drop in temps from the MCP, idling now at 56c vs 62 before and load never goes above 70c and was hitting 84c before.
I also got about 2c less on each video card at idle which is kind of nice. All in all I was decently impressed by this TIM I didnt expect to see much of an improvement and I think 3c on the CPU
plus a bit on idle was kind of a nice bonus. The TIM was a little thick and I perfered working with the Formula 5 just because of thickness and ease of application, but I like that IC7 is non capacative and non conductive.

I did manage to get some pictures of most of the process this time around so ill be adding those within the next couple days.
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