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Originally Posted by Jonwall View Post
Gotta agree with this one. My first attempt i took it off to do a remount, and it was smeared all towards one side (the one that you clip in second) so about one third of the cpu didnt even have any tim on it. Fairly certain this happened again the second time but i dont have enough left for a reapplication or any other tim to use after. If youre using an am2 system id recommend actually applying the tim close to the edge of the cpu on the side that will cause the heatsink to force it across to the other side. Hard to explain but i think most people with an am2 socket who try this stuff will know what i mean lol.

There is always some % of applications that do not fit the mold.

In the attachment scenario above I would apply the grease, then place the sink on and apply pressure in a kind of pre spreading maneuver and maybe twist or rotate the sink back and forth while applying pressure. I would not lift the sink to check the spread as you will have a rough spread on sink and IHS so when place the sink back down you will most likely introduce some air into the mount. That should level it enough to then attach the mounting clips.

I myself never heat the paste even on Monday mornings when the heat has been off all weekend and the office is at 15C, Just suits some people to heat it.

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