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My System Specs


Nademon I'm probably the last person to recieve the TIM way over here on the wet coast but I'll be doing the IC7 tests this weekend. I plan on doing 4 seatings with pictures and application methods. I agree with AkG about pre-applying the tim to the base of a HDT as the groves tend to soak up the tim if application is done with pressure alone. I'll do it as instructed and then as Sinatra said I'll do it my way. I think two seatings for each method should give accurate results. As for the viscosity of the TIM I'm pretty happy with the fluidity of it and really don't see there being any need to pre-heat it but then again my home is pretty warm so we'll see.

After reading what the IC7 rep said about that pressure paper I really wish a small piece was included with the TIM. I'm very curious to see how the contact pressure distribution is on my DTHS after being lapped but I agree with him that including it in a retail package in the future wouldn't be cost effective and very few people would make use of it. Also his demonstration of appropriate pressure was great and I'm still mulling over how I'll test seated pressure to 50lbs. Also I'm curious at what pressure Intel recommends and what force thier push pins are calibrated to. I know Intel used to have weight limits on HS's for past processors but I don't know if they still have spec weight limits on thier newer CPUs in regards to down force.

Sorry for straying OT guys. Thanks for the TIM I can't wait to test it out. BTW can I get voucher for a days loss of folding
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