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Gave the new card a go last night and gotta say I'm pretty happy. Bluray playback was smooooth, and PQ was noticeably better too. TBH I wasn't expecting a diff in PQ.

Another added benefit which I wasn't expecting... I use FLACs for audio and when flipping around the music menu it would hickup, by that it would miss button presses (i.e. to move down the menu) as if the computer was locked up for just a split second. Not a major issue but it would be annoying to press DOWN and nothing happen so I press DOWN again and nothing happen then all of a sudden it skips a half dozen or so menu choices. Also there would be odd flashes on the screen that looked like bad polygons or something when you've OCed your vid card too far. I thought it may have been something to do with the plugins that were required to get FLACs to play but they are all cleared up now! Sweet.
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