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Originally Posted by somecanadianguy View Post
I'm not planning on doing much gaming right away. This system is mostly for art, graphic design, ect... which I'm hoping will bring me more money now that I'll have a competitive computer. I'm planning on a vidcard upgrade in a few months... maybe 6... then I can get more serious about gaming again. Going with this card allowed me to add a monitor, a wacom tablet, and a few other goodies with almost enough left over for Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. I know that there are other cards at this price that I could have gotten, and sure I am thinking I may have made a mistake. However, if that is the case I don't think it's a very big mistake.
Are you aware of the fact that the newer photo/video software programs are capable of using the cores in your videocard for rendering/processing??? This means that the better your GPU is the faster your rendering gets done! A little food for thought....
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