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I think the two main reasons you're not seeing all the performance is BECAUSE it's dual-GPU, like internal SLI. Alot of/most games don't work 100% with SLI, regardless of what settings you put in NHancer, sometimes a game just won't be able to utilize all of that performance you're getting.

Another thing, and I might sound a bit repetitive cause you probably hear this all over the place, is scaling. This ties in with my previous point about games not utilizing it all, but it's a bit different. I've seen on reviews that in some cases the 295 will not scale well because the GPU's cant "talk" to each other well enough to tell each other what to do. Happens all the time. Maybe for some games in the months to come there will be patches released that might help with scalability and of course dual-gpu utilization, but for now, there's not much that can be done.

What resolution do you game at normally, and what settings do you use? I have a feeling that for the games that don't use the dual-GPU card might when forced to, as in at higher resolutions, more AA/AF settings, etc.
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