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Originally Posted by Gamashinoch View Post
Vista 4 months ago negative. Vista now is fine. Driver support has greatly improved. Just expect headaches with SLi setups is all.

not to mention, shut off windows defender and UAC or you'll go crazy.
Vista hasn't changed its exactly the same, the only way its going to change is when SP1 is out and a lot of the bugs are fixed but at the same time open a whole new can of bugs just like what happened with XP SP1

Originally Posted by wpurcell View Post
Hello! Is Directx X out yet? I've got two 8800GTS's I'd like to install, but I found that the antialiasing (FS 9 and X) was very poor, compared to the 7950's in XP and Vista32. I may try Vista 64 bit in the next few weeks. Any advantages to be had? P5N-SLI Mobo/Intel C2D 6600/4MB OCZ 667.
DirectX 10 is out and been out since Vista was released. But again this was a marketing ploy to get people to buy vista and upgrade their computers for no reason because DirectX 10 has no support, no games, and won't for another fews month and then we'll finally see if the hype was worth it oh and they announce DirectX 10.1 before any games are to be out... go figure .. MS
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