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I placed my order and it arrived yesterday (March 24).

I went with the HAF 932 case and am happy that I spent the extra money to get the bigger quiter case. I also through in some proper TIM and audio (Audio card for gaming.). The OCZ Vendetta 2 nicely aligns with the rear cooling fan on the case. It could not have come out better if I planned it.

This thing is pretty quick. Vista x64 is smooth and the performance thingy rates it at 5.9 across the board. A quick tour of indicates that I will not have to endure the Crysis slideshow.

Many thanks to everyone here for your help.

Now to get the NIC drivers working.

I have an announcement: With this new rig I will start to get that evil space alien earth invasion situation under control. Give me a few hours/days/weeks.
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