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My System Specs


The main issues arise it seems if you mix two cards that have different amounts of shaders. I know your GTX 285 has 240 shaders, and I believe the 8800GTS has 128 shaders. This will result in low performance on the GTX 285 if in the same rig. LCB001 put me on to this and it seems that while you won't get errors, it results in poor performance.

However, if you mix two different cards with the same shader counts (ie. GTX 280, and a 285, both with 240 shaders but at different speeds) then you will be more successful.

Look at the two rigs in my sig. Both have multiple GPUs folding. My main rig has both cards folding at approx 9000PPD each (depending on WU of course), and in my folding box my GTX+ gets ~5000 PPD, and the GSO gets ~2500 PPD on the newer WUs (1680 point ones), which I believe is lower than they should be.
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