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Default Mixed GPU Folding

Ok so I have seen a number of posts with members having difficulty folding with multiple mixed GPUs. Have there been any success stories? If so how did you do it?

For example I am wanting to fold with a GTX285 and an 8800GTS 512 on my X38-DQ6.

Rig 2 has an 8800gts in it but only has a single PCI-e slot, I have since picked up a second 8800 twin and have an empty slot ion Rig 2 I could use if I can get them to cooperate.

Other option is to find a SLI 939 slot board to marry up the 8800s in and later get a secong 285. In the meantime with budget restraints I would like to get the empty slot to work with what I have.

So success stories please!!!
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