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My System Specs

Default Project "Unus Multorum" - Rebuilding the Rebuild

So I had my first WCing baptism a few weeks back at Digital Overload, my motherboard was totally fried. Not to be put off I saw this as an opportunity to upgrade my machine, unfortunately cash was not permitting so instead an incremental upgrade and MORE COOLING! Can never go wrong with more.

Waiting on a 4870x2 from CMetaphor but I am itching to get this thing up and running, swapping out the videocard will happen once PPCS gets my new block to me.

So pics! *click to enlarge*

Got a top for my 655, looks a LOT nicer this way

Some fittings from zlojack, love the look of compressions:

Motherboard with the sexy Heatkiller block, LOVE the look of this baby, sleek and sexy:

And my biggest fan and assistant

Somehow sitting on my lap counts as help around here

Hopefully the Heatkiller 4870x2 block gets here speedily, I can't wait, hopefully I can have the rig up and running by this evening, then some thermal tests to see how that IC Diamond TIM works, under water for CPU/GPU and probably air for the GPU as well, time permitting.
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