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Hey Ron, yeah, the TS-109 Pro is a bit overkill for your outlined use I think. It is quite a beefy little data server to be honest.

My review copy will be staying with me for as long as I can for-see, I am actually in the process of transferring the data from my old NAS to the TS-109 Pro as we speak. I use a lot of remote file retrieval so it is perfect for that task as well as my full time music server for all users in my home. I have found iTunes to really 'play nice' with the TS-109 Pro on both Mac and Windows platforms.

I am still having some issues with MySQL though. If I could get MySQL to work consistently on this guy, then I could use it as a development server for PHP/MySQL work and completely rid my main workstation of that task. I am hoping it is something on my end or a future firmware update away from being resolved. PHP and the web serving function are flawless, I just can't get MySQL to play nice.
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