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Hi Jody!

Thanks for your input. I didn't know that their was a software way to shutdown the Qnap.

Since I believe most NAS devices have a UPS facility, maybe one of the UPS's out there might have a way to signal the Qnap to shut down. I don't know very much about UPS's in general, but I think I remember the Qnap manual giving a list of compatible UPS's. If I am really lucky, there still might be a way for a UPS to send a shutdown signal. I will try both Qnap Corp's email and maybe the Squeezebox external hardware forums to see if someone might know of a solution.

The Qnap seems like a much more capable device than what I am planning for it. If all else fails, I might try and use the Qnap for a home server where I can retrieve or store my files to and from the internet while away. Are you planning on keeping the Qnap or just long enough for your review?

Many thanks again for your very detailed and well written article.
Ron (Toronto, Ontario CANADA)
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