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This is how I did triple boot:

I first installed the oldest OS; In my case is XP PRO32 on only 20 GB of disk space (Primary Partition). This drive is reserved only for OS. It is easier to defrag and faster.
Keep the remaining space Unalocated for future OS.
Then I put all my applications, Paging Files etc...on other disk drive.

Later, I installed XP PRO 64 on 20 GB on the OS drive (Logical Drive). I used the other drives reserved for apps and Paging as well...

Then I installed VISTA 64 on the remaining OS drive (Primary Partition). I still use the other drives for apps and Paging Files.

You have to remember to tell Windows to install on a small portion of the drive each time. When you install application, you have to change the path of the installation to keep the C drive for OS only.

Windows will automaticaly detect dual or triple boot.

I never had problems.
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