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I never did get into Max payne myself. I think I played the first game up to about the 3rd level but the bullet-time and cheezy comic panel cut scenes just turned me off at a time when there was just so many great games to play. I think I'll give this 3rd one more of a fair shake and actually play it through to the end. One thing I did like about about the first one was the somber atmosphere and better than average storytelling not dumbed down for a younger audience. Come to think of it now I believe I ran the first one on my trusty Voodoo 3 3500. Wow now thats going back a ways. I think my voodoo struggled with it and so I gave the game away to my bro.

As for the game engine I think it was completely designed by Remedy and was called Max-FX and as I recall it was one of the leading edge engines back when DX7 was in vogue.

Hard to believe it's been 8 years since the first one and I didn't even know Rockstar games had a studio in Vancouver. It's always nice seeing Canadian talent working hard on top shelf games.

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