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Default QNAP TS-109pro powered by automobile?

Thanks for this very informative review.

I have just received the Qnap109pro. My main use for this device is to server music files to my mp3 player (Slimdevices Squeezebox3). This works perfectly with one simple ethernet connection between these two devices with the only other connection necessary being both devices powered through the household AC. Both devices use a external AC to dc power transformer to power them. The mp3 player needs 5v dc (1amp) and the Qnap uses 12v dc (3amp). Powering this in an automobile seems quite simply accomplished with the use of a external dc-dc converter available from my sources and an emergency battery backup UPS powering the dc-dc converter to give the Qnap time to boot up and boot down.

So when turning the car's ignition on and off(creating a power failure), the 12v output of the emergency power supply UPS can slowly turn on/off power to the dc-dc converter (supplies both 12v and 5v dc separately) with a controlled time delay and then allow enough time for both devices to power down properly.

How to solve the last problem of how to tell the Qnap to shut down WITHOUT requiring the manual pushing of the power button of the Qnap? Is this even possible? Hopefully the Qnap would be located in the trunk or glove compartment of the car. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
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