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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Simple. Don't run Windows.

On the other hand and back to reality don't want issues with windows? Get a router, setup static ips, close off all ports and if the router is wireless shutdown the wireless system.

Install Avast/AVG for a free good anti-virus, spybot for the spyware and quit using Outlook Express and Internet Explorer and switch to Firefox and Thunderbird and call it a day... oh yah and don't install Sp2 :P

I have had a Windows install going now for almost a year still run SP1 and did my last Windows update dating back in ... march?
I agree 100%. I am running the same setup Windows XP SP1 and haven't done a windows update in a year. Then again I don't use IE and I don't use Outlook Express. I use Firefox and Gmail.
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