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Default Advice on pricing for a used 226BW

Hi guys!

I recently bought one of the eIPS panels that Dell had on special, and subsequently I want to sell my 226BW. OK, that's a lie; I would rather keep it for dual display, but I can't really afford to have both monitors.

I've posted the monitor on a local selling site for $200, and gotten a couple of nibbles, but mostly lowballing jerks. Is my price that unreasonable? I know you can get 22" monitors for cheaper now, but it's a particularly GOOD 22" TN monitor, with no dead/stuck pixels (except for an occasional stuck color, but they always release again).

Any thoughts?

Oh, and I should add that I'm not viciously firm on $200, but I expected to have to drop it maybe $20 in the process of bartering. Most of the low-ballers are offering $100.

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