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My System Specs


As someone having just done this, I can tell you its pretty pricey.

It really depends how far along you want to go with it. Customs can cost more (or less) then 'all in one' prefabs. If you want it to preform better then say, aircooling with a 120 Extreeme etc, you need to go a bit better then most of the prefabs.

All totaled, my bill was 400 shipped (with 20 buck NCIX giftcard in the bank for free shipping) to cool CPU/GPU/Chipset. Prefabs start in and around the 200 mark for just the IMO its just better to custom it, and go all the way.

The basics you'll require are:

Rad (with Reservoir built in, or separate res)
CPU block
And probably atleast 3 sets of barbs. (1 set for each the rad, pump and cpu block)

The only other thing I can suggest is do all of your research. ALL of it. Find out what you're getting into. This is like tricking out a car, for a bad analogy. There is maitenance and upkeep. Things will break. Time will be spent, and downtime will be had. Talk to someone in person who has watercooled. Get the good and bad stories and find out if its really for you.

Again, ask ask ask questions...but do your research too. Thoroughly. And then doublecheck it all, again. As 3.0Charlie can tell you for me, I (almost) forgot to order something as simple as barbs for my setup. Lucky for me, he caught it before I placed the order, and saved me a 2nd shipping order and even more downtime.
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