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My System Specs


I have never used arctic silver 5 or ceramique. I use OCZ ultra 5. I use latex gloves when I am handling memory modules, motherboards etc. This prevents oils and other contaminants from coming in contact with the pcb's and pins/contacts. As for applying thermal compound, I start with the cpu. I put a small blob directly in the centre. I then work it in circular motions making the thickness thinner as I approach the edges. I always leave approximately 1-1.5mm around the edges of the cpu clear of compound. I then lock down the cpu. Next I repeat the same process with the heatsink. Only this time, I use a little more compound . The reason being, when you place the heatsink on the cpu and lock it down, it squishes the compound down and out to cover up the edges of the cpu you left uncovered with a thin coat of compound. but not having excess come squishing out the sides (bad). Hope this helps!

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