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Originally Posted by Corpus Masochist View Post
Why the thin line of thermal compound on the die? then a bigger surface placement on the heat sink? Makes no sense?
read the apply the ceramique to the heatsink and rub it in to tin the heatsink. then you wipe it off. this removes all but microscopic particles of the thermal compound on the heatsink. this is basically the same thing you do to a soldering iron...tin it by keeping a layer of solder on the tip at all times to promote heat transfer. the tinning of the heatsink with ceramique is the same idea.

everyone has a different opinion on thermal paste and discussing it in open forums just leads to the loudest mouth winning the argument. in the end, all the 'standard' various methods only result in 1C~2C difference. by standard i mean not stupid such as a thin layer, a small dot in the middle, the recommended method by the manu, etc...
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