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Default How to properly apply thermal compound

Hello, I have been looking around the net for tutorials on "the proper way to apply thermal compound.

In this case I have a E6850 and will be using Arctic Silver 5. I see from the AS 5 tutorial (wow it looks like something from the 60's or 70's) Why not have nice clear & precise picture along with step by step instructions.... Not this

This is what doesn't make sense to me about this tutorial.

You have your processor and your suppose to apply a thin line in the center (the correct way) that is understandable. But then they go and apply a circular motion of compound on the heatsink. Doesn't this defeat the propose of applying a thin line of thermal compound carefully down the center of the die? That to me doesn't conform to making a nice solid contact....

I have seen some dumb ass stuff done as well. This one guy in order to achieve the nice "thin line of thermal compound" used tape on either side of his processor to make a little gap then applied the compound then removed the tape. Well all that careful clean is out the window being that tape has stick/glue/oils in it that to me = very bad. Using a finger again not good, dirt, oils bacteria are on your fingers regardless how much you wash your hands.

This is what I have come to conclude when applying thermal compound to die and heat sink.
First clean your die and heat sink using a coffee filter with a little dab of 99% isopropyl on it.

Once you clean both die and heat sink as best you can, inspect for dust and particles of any kind. Once inspection is clear apply a very small amount thermal compound on both die and heat sink. Using a clean plastic bag turn it inside out inserting a finger proceed to use a circular motion spreading the compound around evenly and equally. The compound should be spread out very thinly on both die and heat sink.

After thermal compound in applied place heat sink onto processor die and move ever so slightly circular motion then fasten into place.


Please, I would like to read other peoples procedures to applying thermal compound and place heat sink onto the processor.

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