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AMD build is pretty well the same as an Intel build, just different CPU/chipsets. I really dont think that if your not overclocking that you will at see much difference between the E5200 and the AMD CPU, they will both be more then enough to do the job that you need done here. the E5200 doesnt really show its full potential untill its higher overclocked (3.5ghz+). | Review - Athlon X2 7750 vs. Intel E5200 OC & Value

The bit tech value graph here shows that the unoverclocked E5200 is very near the red value zone meaning bad price/performance. the 4850E hits about mid way un overclocked. and its $30 cheaper. Im more of an intel guy myself but ive built plenty of both and in this situation id be looking at the AMD platform as its just plain CHEAP.
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