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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post does this stuff do with a below-ambient cooler? I am using a CoolIT Boreas which can cool down my i7 like no one's business when I push it. MX-2 is well formulated to work in a low-heat environment but how about this stuff?
Here's a snippet from the IC Website:

Additional Testing

"ICD7 has been tested in a thermal cycling chamber - from -40 C to +85 C - for up to 250 cycles (with the copper block heated with 130 W of power (along with a fan heat sink) and found no change in thermal performance / thermal resistance of the grease

In another thermal test ICD7 was placed in a thermal chamber for a continuous 1000 hrs @125 C with no change in thermal performance.

In a separate test we pulled "full vacuum" on ICD7 with a mechanical pump for ca. 65 hours at room temperature. The resulting ... weight loss was almost immeasurable - 0.3 mg out of 6.2222 g. This works out to be 0.0048 wt %.

We have one system application where we have been running approximately 2 years with no change in thermal performance in a normal office environment."

I don't know if that gives you any indication as to your setup, but hope it helps. I'm sure ICD7 will chime in soon enough with some more info.

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