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Originally Posted by ICD7 View Post
Pressurex Fuji Prescale Paper, Pressure Indicating Film

costs about $60.00 USD sq ft - then extra for the digital analysis.

Raw prints can be quite revealing without the digital analysis - I was playing around with the idea of making a kit to sell along with the ICD so people could optimize contact but I think it was too specialized to be profitable.

I also tried to come up with an poor man's alternate by playing around with carbon paper and a couple other things with mixed results, interesting stuff(at least to me)

Told you guys...The IC Diamond Big Brained Guru! I hope no one thought I was kidding. Be prepared folks, if ever the nuclear physicists had a Fonzie, Andrew would be it!

I know there's going to be oooodles of information that will come out over the next few weeks and I'm sure we're all going to learn loads of interesting stuff! I'm looking forward to this geek session (I'll deny that in public...hunt you down and give you an atomic wedgie if you squeel on me! And of course...your pocket protector will be MINE!)

I'll be doing some GPU testing myself...oops, already did (but I'm gonna use it on some other cards too)! Here's the results:

Card: BFG 9800GX2

Compound: OEM stuff that came on the card
Ambient: ~21C
Idle: ~66C
Load: 96-98C

Idle: ~61C
Load: 81C

So...suffice it to say, I was very happy! Plus, once I applied IC7, my EUE's completey vanished! I havent had a single one since the day after I applied it. A while back I also used it on my main rig and shaved off 8C uncer load (i'm sure it was more, but just to be safe), but I don't have the specific data to post. I do remember I screwed up the first time and it only dropped about 5C, but then reapplied and reseated and got much better results on an overclocked QX9650 @1.32V running 4Ghz.

Good luck guys!

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