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Introducing myself here - Andrew from innovation cooling

I thought I would post some raw pressure/contact film image results from another give away along with the thermal result to kick things off. I occasionally provide test kits to a few members to test the integrity of their mounts as a reminder illustration of how important it is to have a secure (tight mount) and good contact to optimize performance.

In most cases 80% see a result right out of the gate. In sampling of 4 different forums using the contact film it was found that the 20% who did not approx. 80% of those (Alfrado Defrado's rule?) were found to either have insufficient contact and/or not enough pressure for good thermal transfer.

While the test user had a positive result of -2C he was able to improve his performance by adding more pressure with a "washer mod" to drop temps 5C.

Nice clean prints. The 8A was a before a "washer mod" and 8B was after the "washer mod"

The increase in performance matches nicely with the increased contact and pressure (actually is as good as a couple of the better ones I have on file)

It's a nice illustration which you people already know and reinforces probably the most recommended forum troubleshooting solution to cpu thermal problems - Lap and tighten/balance the sink.
Thanks tkl.hui for the extra effort, much appreciated

Note: The "washer mod" in this case were washers that were used to shim the sink to increase the pressure/contact between the sink and IHS.

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