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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Unfortunately for users, my understanding is that the "intent" of the policy forcing bell to allow resellers access to any part of their network is geared towards preventing bell from putting the resellers at a competetive disadvantage.

Since bell isn't providing their own customers with a zero cap option, the resellers can't claim that bell is trying to be anti-competetive with this request.
It prevents resellers from providing a better service, all this does is provide a ceiling of the level of service a reseller can provide. So what happens? With this implemented(if it happens, hasn't yet but the CRTC has no backbone so...) a reseller such as TekSavvy can only be as good as Bell, never better.

If that's not considered anti competitive by the CRTC I don't know what will. Like I said before, Bell can burn.
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