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Originally Posted by CTA View Post
oops you are right... its PCI (not PCI-E)

why do you choose p5k pl and e5200?

i never heard of sparkle... so is it really good? i will install winxp pro sp3 on it...

what about video card interga (on mobo) or atom like this - Buy Intel BOXD945GCLF2 MINI-ITX DDR2 945GC Dual Core Atom 1PCI Motherboard Retail - BOXD945GCLF2 In Canada.

The last few whiteboxed PCI capture cards I've worked with did the "processing" onboard the card itself.
I have a Geovision card running right now and it just peaked at 10% CPU Usage on a 16 camera setup. Depending on the capture card, CPU is NOT important. I just chose an E5200 because it's generally more available than the E1200. And for a few bucks more... why not...

As for the board... it's cheap, has onboard basically everything and is again cheap.

You could do an Atom if you like. It's definitely cheaper than a board+CPU and I can't see a dedicated cam system choking even that. (Depending on the controller card obviously)
The only issue I can see is the lack of SATA ports. If the Dual Core Atom is anything like the single core, it only has 2x SATA ports.

Sparkle is basically the ONLY PSU I use for every low end build I do. It even gets into most medium end builds too. It's a deadly solid PSU that I've deployed into 20-30 machines. Hell, I have 4 of them on my shelf right now waiting for builds.

Oh and depending on your budget, I'd consider something with an Intel RAID. No real need for a dedicated RAID card since it's only RAID1. A pair of 1TB drives (WD Greens will do fine) should give you about a week of video, depending on stuff like FPS, compression, motion activation, 24/7 or 9-5 etc.

I've always liked this board if you don't mind ATX: - Buy Biostar Tpower I45 ATX LGA775 P45 DDR2OC 2PCI-E 2PCI SATA2 RAID Sound GBLAN CrossFireX Motherboard - TPower I45 In Canada.

It's my favorite LGA775 board.
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