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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Isn't there a submission from Bell to the CRTC that will effectively cap techsavvy's service if it's accepted?

I'd do some research on that first before I switched over to techsavvy.
Link? I'm actually curious about this if true. Only reason I ask is as far as I know TekSavvy only uses Bell for the last mile, the rest of the network beyond the wire to the home is TekSavvys network. I'm almost sure of it as you can even choose which Level 1/2 provider you want to use (Cogent vs Peer1).

I couldn't find anything first glance about capping bandwidth, frankly I don't think that Bell has the ability to cap the bandwidth on the last mile, only the speed. Great resource about the Net Neutrality battle, a large part of it dealing with Bell vs TekSavvy at | Protecting your Internet's level playing field
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