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My System Specs

Default Hrm. Something just crossed my mind

As seen in my other thread Watercooling Build: Looking for input! I'm adding that Watercooling setup to my current build (which can be seen in my sig)

After placing the order, I realized something...Ive got a Antec True550w. Its a bit old, from my A64 first build... label shows 40amps on the 5v, and 36 amps on the 12v (single rail). With my stuff below, and the watercooling pump (3 fans on the case will move to the rad, one on the CPU will be an intake so no new fans), will I have enough juice left over to add in my g80 88gtx or am I going to bust this PS?

I should have thought about this before, but I kinda gapped about the power reqs when adding in the 88gtx =\

And if I am gonna bust it, does someone have one that I can get on the cheap?
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