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Thanks for the replies. I got swamped at work and finally got a chance to update my thread.

From,, and

doesnt seem that i need a quad in the server. The streams are limited by single disk throughput, so let says 70mb/s - doubt if i will have this on throughput - peaks yes, throughput?? Additionally, if i get close to disk cache then I limited by the onboard nic. I guess only way to really find out is run two stream of heavy bandwidth and find out if it has enuff muscle.

For the server case, I am now rethinking what I should buy - I should get something that can grow, but also be quiet and cool. i looked at the antec case suggested and still want some other choices.

The AMD Mini ITX suggestion is great - and is about 75.00 cheaper than the intel setup - so i will read up here for that one here: GeForce 8200 - 8 Channel LPCM Output Fully Supported!! - AVS Forum

Thanks guys.

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