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My System Specs


The gain from overclocking your memory for more bandwidth is a debatable affair. If you're trying to increase the memory bandwidth, then you are basically nearing the limit of your modules. The K8 architecture's integrated memory controller is much more sensitive to memory timings than transfer rates, so by your timings being as incredibly low as they already are, you've basically squeezed as much as you can as far as memory is concerned.

If you want maximum computing power from your processor, your memory must sacrifice the timings you are used to having them run. You need to ramp them up to 3-3-3-6 2T if you want a chance at breaking your overclocking barrier. Up-volt the DIMMs to 2.8v and leave them there; you are using Platinum EL DIMMs, which can take the overvoltage easily.

FYI: forcing a T1 command rate is somewhat useless when you are aiming at maximum processing power.
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