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Those load time benchmarks says it all. Great real-world performance gains are what I like to see.

I can't wait until ssds become competitive in terms of pricing with mechanical drives. Every year they claim it will be soon, but when platter densities improves at the current rate, I don't see how this is feasible at all. I have a feeling we're not even close to reaching the magnetic denisty limit of platter-based drives. You have to admit WD is pretty impressive at jumping from 1TB to 2TB drives, and at present time you can pick up HDs at 10cents/GB on sale.

If platter drives can jump in increments of 1TB or more, I don't see how SSDs can hope to catch up with the slow rate of improvement seen so far.

The only use I'd see is for a boot or application drive. However, 32 and 64GB isn't what I consider adequate for a boot drive filled with applications with extra space needed for a swap file, especially since with SSDs you need to keep the drive half empty to allow the algorithims for optimal data writes. And larger SSDs are still prohibitively expensive for me.
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