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My System Specs


I'd definitely go with a bunch of 1TB drives, preferably in RAID1 or RAID5 so there's some redundancy however that means more drives. I'd also want them in hotswap bays too for quick removal should one fail.

Though I don't know how "high-end" this person wants to go and how serious they are about it.

Running 8 cameras though is going to take up quite a bit of disk space IMO. Assuming he keeps more than a few days back. Processor wise, not sure how those cards work and what kind of encoding they do. If you're encoding 8 video streams on-the-fly, that's going to be rather demanding and you'll probably want a high-clocked dual-core or a quad-core of sorts. Might want a good amount of RAM too like 4GB.

Though I've never ran such a system, I'm just going by general knowledge.
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